The Windblown Sisters

In a small village hidden in a northern pine forest lived two sisters. Both were tall and beautiful with long blond hair. Inseparable, they passed their days singing with the birds in the trees. They would only go down when nightfall came to get some rest before the dawn came to greet them and the singing would start once more.
One day, while up in the tallest of all the trees in the forest, the winds blew so strong through the leaves that the two girls were blown off their branches and taken far far away. One was blown east, the other west. Their bodies tumbling through the sky. The girl in the east was the first to land. She had fallen into a deep blue sea. She tried swimming to shore but her body, crooked from the fall, left her swimming in circles.
The second sister, in the west, had landed in a maple tree forest, the leaves bursting with the colours of autumn.
She too has been twisted from the flight. And when she tried to find her way back, found herself always coming back to the exact same spot.
Nonetheless, the two sisters continued in circles trying to find each other.
The sister in the maple forest sang to a bird and told her to fly the song over to her sister in the east. The bird did so. And the sister in the lake received the melody. She too sent one back. In this way the bird continued, flying back and forth without a pause. Singing to the sister in the east and to the sister in the west, making sure they're song never got lost in the wind.
If you listen carefully, you can still hear they're whispers whistling in the breeze.

The Wanderer

After many a days of walking around,
the wanderer realized he was losing his mind.
So cheerfully leaving his sanity behind,
the wanderer walked to where madness was found.

Fishy fishy in the sea,
drink me up til the ocean is empty.
Then come to my mountains, where rivers run pure.
You'll taste a first drop and be begging for more.
You'll fill yourself up and swallow me whole,
By the lakes in the desert you'll lose all control.
Then off you will go to the highest of peaks,
Where the clouds touch the mountains, you'll find what you seek.
With patience you'll wait till the rain starts to fall.
And with head held up high, devoir it all.
Little by little, the clouds will dry up and the rain which had fallen will come to a stop.
As i offer to you my very last drop.

The Balancing Act

Oh dear, oh my, beware, madam,
I think you've got something in your hair, ma'am,
Or I mean, on your head, ma'am.
You've no hair at all, you have bowls there instead, madam.
You've eaten too much soup lately?
Not enough space in the cupboard, maybe?
You've found yourself in a strangely ordeal,
I must reveal.
A whole family to feed, maybe?
Friends and strangers in need, say me?
All waiting around for a kindly warmed meal.
What an ordeal!
But I see on your face, you've found peace in the fact,
That life is just a balancing act.
And when everyone's fed,
And serene in the head,
You've still managed to keep all your bowls intact.

Looking About

One looked over, what did he see?
The other followed after, curious was she.
Third joined in, for miss out he could not.
If every one's looking, then he too would give it a shot.
During this time, the first one was contemplating.
What had he seen that had been so captivating?
Hesitating.. he could not recall.
But everyone's looking !
So important it must be, after all.
Thus he continued his looking about.
For curious was he.
And maybe he'd manage to find out
what it was that the second one could see !

Life's March

The wind sang on as the leaves grew tired,
And fell from their branches,
Their last breath expired.
But on they flew, their journey not done.
Life marched on as small birds sung.
End becomes beginning,
Beginning comes to an end,
Leaf falls softly to the ground
And life starts marching again.


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