de la Sculpture à la Poésie
Des textes inspirés par mes sculptures.
Désolé, tout est en anglais ! :)

                    (J'aime bien des fois travailler sur Photoshop :) )

The Wanderer

After many a days of walking around,

the wanderer realized he was losing his mind.

So cheerfully leaving his sanity behind,

the wanderer walked to where madness was found.

The Balancing Act

Oh dear, oh my, beware, madam,
I think you've got something in your hair, ma'am,
Or I mean, on your head, ma'am.
You've no hair at all, you have bowls there instead, madam.
You've eaten too much soup lately?
Not enough space in the cupboard, maybe?
You've found yourself in a strangely ordeal,
I must reveal.
A whole family to feed, maybe?
Friends and strangers in need, say me?
All waiting around for a kindly warmed meal.
What an ordeal!
But I see on your face, you've found peace in the fact,
That life is just a balancing act.
And when everyone's fed,
And serene in the head,
You've still managed to keep all your bowls intact.

Looking about

One looked over, what did he see?
The other followed after, curious was she.
Third joined in, for miss out he could not.
If every one's looking, then he too would give it a shot.
During this time, the first one was contemplating.
What had he seen that had been so captivating?
Hesitating.. he could not recall.
But everyone's looking !
So important it must be, after all.
Thus he continued his looking about.
For curious was he.
And maybe he'd manage to find out
what it was that the second one could see !

Life's March

The wind sang on as the leaves grew tired,
And fell from their branches,
Their last breath expired.
But on they flew, their journey not done.
Life marched on as small birds sung.
End becomes beginning,
Beginning comes to an end,
Leaf falls softly to the ground
And life starts marching again.